Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Recursive Definition of Existence


All names are arbitrary language meant to convey an idea

There are 4 Realms.

“Hell” is a geometric point, i.e. dimensionless. “Heaven” is the 2nd Realm. “Angels” are our transcended form; existing in the 2nd Realm. “Gods” in the sense of the plethora of Greek gods exist in the 3rd Realm. While: “God”, “The One”, “The Clear Light”, “Chi”, “The Force”, etc., are an attempt to name the 4th Realm. There are an infinite number of: hells, 1st Realms, 2nd Realms, and 3rd Realms; but only one 4th Realm. The 4th Realm is a Triune Realm. This is because the 4th Realm is a dimensionless point, inside itself and with its own boundary. If the 4th Realm is not a Triune Realm then it would leave the possibility of even higher realms. I cannot conceive of a higher Realm. If there is such a thing, the possibility that our 4th Realm, Heaven-Point, is the Hell-Point of those higher Realms is just as possible that our Hell is Heaven to lower Realms. This leads to an infinite number of Hell to Heaven “Multi-Realms”. This becomes cyclic if this Infinite Multi-Realm is thought of as a point. The solution is a Triune Dimensional 4th Realm.

Each Realm is manifested into Four Dimensions.

1st Realm is space-time. 1st dimension is a line surrounding the Hell-Point. 2nd dimension is a plane created by a second one dimensional line branching from the first. 3rd dimension is the space between these infinite fractionating planes. Dimensions 1 and 2 are contained in the 3rd. The 4th dimension is the “time-line” that a 3 dimensional point travels on. 1st Realm is therefore space on a timeline, thus space-time. This 4th dimensional timeline originates nowhere for it is of infinite length.

2nd Realm is the dimensions of 3, 4, and 5, as a 6 dimensional point traveling on a 7th dimensional line. The 5th dimension is a “time-plane”, and the 6th is the space between these infinite fractionating time-planes. All 5 lower dimensions are contained within a 6 dimensional point. The 7th is the line that this 6 dimensional point travels on and it is of infinite length.

3rd Realm is the dimensions of 6, 7, and 8, as a 9 dimensional point within the 4th Realm triune dimension(s). The 8th is a multi-verse plane, and the 9th is the space between these multi-verse planes. All 8 lower dimensions are contained within a 9 dimensional point. The 9th dimensional line that this 8 dimensional point travels is infinite.

4th Realm is its own Realm. The Triune Realm consists of one dimension that is three dimensions. The 10th dimension is a 12 dimensional point. The 11th is the space of this point and the 12th is the boundary of this space. This means that the point, space, and boundary, are contained within itself. This allows for one to be three and three to be one, a Triune.


· Hell is a geometric point within the 1st Realm

· 1st Realm is a 3D point on a timeline within the 2nd Realm

· 2nd Realm is a 6D point on a multi-verse line

· 3rd Realm is 9D point within the 4th Realm

· 4th Realm is a triune dimensional point within itself

Definition of String Theory for 1st Realm

The twist(s) of an infinite length 1dimensional line determines where the center point is on an infinite diameter 2D circle. The position of this center point (Hell?) in the 2d circle, determines what type of 3D particle it is. The number of these twists and their location along the 1D line is determined by which 5th dimensional branch the 1D line used. Branch becomes 4th dimensional line; looking back it would never seem to have left the original. Example is the difficulty in trying to find the center of a twisting mobius strip is impossible until you already know its location; just as it is impossible to know something’s speed and location at the same time.

Closer Look at “Hell”

In the 1st Realm, Hell is nothing, the absolute furthest that you could be from the all encompassing Triune Realm. This can easily be seen as in the Judeo-Christian sense that Hell is a “place” and that it is your position in relevance to the Triune God, which is “4th Realm”.

In the 2nd Realm, Hell is time loop from which you can’t escape. We are in the Hell of the 2nd Realm for we are an infinite time loop “string”.

In the 3rd Realm, Hell is a 6th Dimensional time space (we are in a 3D space) from which you can not escape.

These would all seem like Hell if you existed in the 4th Realm, with/as God.


Marty Morrow said...

thank you for posting this. last night i was thinking about stuff and I began wondering if anyone had ever contemplated recursive dimensions of space and time. You obviously have. However, true recursion is infinite. why do you stop at 10? One possible answer is that, after 10 dimensions, the outcomes are insignificant enough to simply write them out of the equation. sort of like using time periods 11-infinity in an NPV calculation. After 10 periods, the value just doesn't change much.

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